Episode 6 – Caine Prize 2017 Shortlist

In Episode 6, Nyambura Mutanyi and Beverly Ochieng’ talk broadly about the 2017 Caine Prize Shortlist, the status of the publishing industry in Africa and desire.




Episode 2: Commonwealth Prize Shortlist 2015

In which we talk about the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2016 selection. We had thoughts! It feels like a lifetime ago…and we really wish we’d had a chance to tackle this year’s.

Enjoy, share your thoughts, and listen out for future episodes!


Episode 1: Caine Prize Shortlist 2015

If you’re wondering how it is that this blog post happens a year after we uploaded this episode, the answer is “Good things come to those who wait.”

This episode was the culmination of many chats about starting a podcast and marks the beginning of what we hope will be a space in which to discuss matters literary. In it, we talk about last year’s selection and if you go to our Twitter profile, you’ll see our excitement when the winner was announced.

A few things have changed since we recorded this episode but our enthusiasm for books hasn’t dampened. We hope you enjoy the ride!